Intel, Samsung create Internet of Things group

A handful of tech giants join forces to create the Open Interconnect Consortium after a similar group was created under the Linux Foundation. The effort to reduce complications for the Internet of Things just got more complicated. A handful of tech-industry heavyweights including Intel, Broadcom, and Samsung Electronics on Tuesday unveiled a new nonprofit group called the Open Interconnect Consortium, or OIC, with the mission to develop standards and certification for devices involved in the Internet of Things. The new group is being created just a few months after the nonprofit Linux Foundation announced a different consortium called AllSeen Alliance, which … Continue reading Intel, Samsung create Internet of Things group

Jolla Launcher Alpha ported to Android 4.2 devices

Jolla has started the alpha testing of its Jolla Launcher for Android, available only for a selected few alpha testers. Of course, this being Android, there is very little to stop more arduous users from taking it and making it available for a wider public, just as what one XDA member did for anyone who owns an Android device version 4.2 or higher.   A word of caution. Jolla Launcher is very much a work in progress, and alpha-quality release in every sense of the word. Many things are still not working, or not working properly, so bugs and performance issues … Continue reading Jolla Launcher Alpha ported to Android 4.2 devices

Android L and Xposed: Keep Calm and Wait for It

After CyanogenMod published its blog post about its plans forAndroid L support, Xposed Framework creator rovo89 is making a similar appeal to the Android community for a bit of objective analysis and a lot of patience. The summary of the situation is that Android L is still a fast-moving target that it isn’t practical to work on polishing Xposed for it. The developer would rather release a version that works well a bit later, rather than one that is too early but barely functions.   The biggest factor in this uncertainty of Xposed’s immediate release on Android L, even in a preview form, … Continue reading Android L and Xposed: Keep Calm and Wait for It

BenQ is back in the game with F5 and T3 4G smartphones

Aside from a brief appearance late last year with mid-range F3 and A3 smartphones, BenQ has been relatively silent. Now the manufacturer is trying to revive its position and name by outing two new LTE-enabled smartphones for Taiwan’s population. The distinction between the BenQ F5 and BenQ T3 is a rather fuzzy one, with the former poised as a more “serious” high-end offering while the latter is a bit more “playful” entry-level device. The fact that the T3 comes with a yellow color option reinforces that image. The T3 also comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, … Continue reading BenQ is back in the game with F5 and T3 4G smartphones

Android Wear: what you need to know

Android Wear is here, but is there anything we don’t know about it? The overall aim of Google’s wearable ambitions was laid out months ago, but we did get a few glimpses of some cool new tricks. From hardware to some software interactions, we’ve piked up a few tidbits of info about Android Wear. Notifications Google has said time and again a smartwatch shouldn’t be your go-to screen, and Android Wear devices won’t be. They will, however, display things like pop-up notifications. From Hangouts to Google Now reminders, Notifications are the main point to Android Wear. Voice Building the biggest … Continue reading Android Wear: what you need to know

How Android Wear changes wearables

Android Wear has officially arrived, with three smartwatches hitting right out of the gate. Here’s how it changes the game for wearable tech. Google’s Android Wear platform re-emerged at Google I/O, along with three watches: the LG G Watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live. Together, they’re part of a connected strategy for Google. But, how does this differ from existing watches and wearables? In a few pretty significant ways. Cross device, cross app connections Android Wear watches, as demonstrated on stage, will work seamlessly with phones to duplicate notifications, or even apps. Android Wear watches will show apps that … Continue reading How Android Wear changes wearables

Google Blurs The Line Between Web And Native Apps On Android

Today at Google I/O, Chrome Director of Product Management Avni Shah introduced the new version of Chrome coming in the next Android update dubbed Android L. As expected, we got a couple of feature updates. But it isn’t just a better version of Chrome. There is a clear and more profound message coming from Google. The company wants to blend native apps with web tabs. And the end of native apps as we know them could be closer than we might think. In Android L, the redesigned app switcher looks a lot like Safari on iOS 7. It shows you … Continue reading Google Blurs The Line Between Web And Native Apps On Android

Google Unveils New Cross Platform Design Language “Material Design”

Google announced a new universal design language, called Material Design, as part of the forthcoming “L” release of Google’s Android mobile operating system. The design is meant to offer a more consistent, universal look-and-feel across mobile, tablets, desktop and “beyond,” the company explains. “We imagined… what if pixels didn’t just have color, but also depth? What if there was a material that could change its texture? This lead us to something we call ‘material design,” says Matias Durate, Director of Android operating system User Experience at Google, during the keynote this morning. Some of the key features of the new … Continue reading Google Unveils New Cross Platform Design Language “Material Design”

Amazon Fire Phone vs. Nexus 5

Before Amazon announced the Fire Phone, many suspected that it would carry budget pricing – a la the Kindle Fire line of tablets. Well, that wasn’t the case. But does Amazon’s handset offer anything over one of the best smartphone values around, the Nexus 5? Let’s compare the two phones’ features and specs. Size Sizes are closer than you might expect. The Fire Phone is a hair taller than the Nexus 5, while measuring 4 percent narrower and 3 percent thicker. The big difference is that the Nexus 5’s screen takes up a much higher portion of its face. Weight … Continue reading Amazon Fire Phone vs. Nexus 5

Google to turn on new set-top boxes with Android TV software

The search giant plans to go head-to-head with Apple, Roku, and Amazon with set-top boxes that can stream media and play games, sources tell CNET. Google, after failing to score a hit with its prior TV projects, hasn’t given up on the living room just yet. The Mountain View, Calif., company is working with partners to produce several television set-top boxes that run its Android software, people familiar with the matter said. The devices will let users view content, listen to music, and play games on their television sets, they said. Google plans to reveal at least one set-top box … Continue reading Google to turn on new set-top boxes with Android TV software

Amazon: Don’t worry, our drones are still preparing for takeoff

FAA releases guidelines that explain when hobbyists can fly drones legally. Amazon says rules won’t ground drone delivery fleet. If you’re hoping Amazon will deliver your favorite toothpaste via drone — in 30 minutes or less — take heart that the government has yet to shoot down the e-commerce giant’s plans. New guidelines released by the Federal Aviation Administration this week over unmanned drones led to some confusion about the legality of Amazon’s proposed drone fleet, the company said Tuesday. “This is about hobbyists and model aircraft, not Amazon,” said Mary Osako, a spokeswoman for the Seattle-based company. The rule, … Continue reading Amazon: Don’t worry, our drones are still preparing for takeoff

Next Android version to be revealed at Google I/O 2014

Sometimes it is good to be wrong. With most of the focus spent on Android Wear and its upcoming devices, we definitely did not expect that Google will be taking time to unveil the next Android release. But Android lead Sundar Pichai was ready to break tradition and has confirmed that he will give a preview tomorrow at I/O 2014.   In the past, Google has scheduled the release of a new Android version outside of its annual I/O conference. Usually this happens during fall and with the announcement of an accompanying new Nexus device bearing the new version. Google … Continue reading Next Android version to be revealed at Google I/O 2014