Did Google confirm that Android L will be Lollipop?

If you believe that lollipops have business being on top of (or even in) cakes, then please disregard this piece of guesswork. People are buzzing (maybe with too much cake) because of Google’s 16th anniversary birthday cake which they posted yesterday. But instead of candy flowers or cupcake toppings, they used lollipops, fueling speculation that the upcoming Android L will indeed be named after the round candy on a stick treat.

Lollipop has been a frontrunner for the Android upgrade coming out before the end of the year. But suddenly, another sweet treat became the number 1 suspect for Android L: Lemon Meringue Pie. While that is a somewhat long name for a usually one-word name for updates, several sources and documents showed Android L being referred to as “lmp”, giving credence to the lemon meringue pie name. Google hasn’t yet made an official announcement since the build isn’t final yet. But yesterday’s 16th birthday cake may indicate that it came back to the original plan of using lollipop.

While the launch of Android L is still a few months away, not much is known until now, except for the things that Google teased during the I/O earlier this year. Initial leaks say it will allow multiple-user accounts in smartphones and tablets. The new Material design is being rolled out not just with the upgrade but with all Google products and some apps have already capitalized on this by updating their look and design. Android L will also have ART runtime by default.

We still have to wait a few more weeks maybe to find out which of our sweet tooth cravings will be satisfied, digitally. We’re still hoping out for Lime (Key) Pie, or maybe, based on Google’s birthday cake, Layer cake is even a possibility.


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