Microsoft increases OneDrive increases free storage to 30GB

The cloud storage wars have been heating up, as more mobile users want easier access to their files and photos by saving it not on their devices’ limited space, but on the bigger cloud drives. In the early days, we were already happy with 5 or 10 GB of free space, but nowadays, that’s just a minuscule of the space we consume. Microsoft announced this weekend that they are doubling their OneDrive free storage from 15GB to 30GB.

Starting now until the end of the month, when you download the OneDrive app for your device, you will be able to get the 30GB of free storage. Existing users will also notice that their storage has also increased. You need to activate your device’s auto upload feature for the camera roll to be able to use this extra 15GB, while the other 15GB can be used for your documents and other files. But that would of course depend on whether you have more photos or documents to back-up. The important thing is that you have 30GB of free storage space.

The increase in free storage space coincided with the release of the iOS 8 for Apple devices and the new iPhone 6. The latter needs at least 5GB of space to be installed in their mobile devices, which has created problems for some users as they couldn’t spare that much space. But OneDrive’s offer is not just for iOS users, but also for those who use other platforms, including Android and Windows.

If you haven’t downloaded OneDrive yet on your device, you better do so before the end of September, if you want to get the free extra 15GB of storage space. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.


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