Dolphin V11 brings new mobile browsing experience to Android

There are numerous web browsers for Android but only a few deliver fast mobile browsing. Dolphin, one of the best Mobile Web Browsers for Android, was recently updated with new features and some bug fixes. Its developer added a Search engine option and support for multiple-thread downloads.

Dolphin V11.2.3 has improved the Right-To-Left support to more interfaces. Big issues have been fixed as well, including error on inputting works on search box, emoticons not showing then posting on Facebook, and error in choosing file to upload on some websites. The problems of incorrect naming when downloading files and issues with Facebook have already been fixed too.

The mobile browser for Android can now do Gestures, allowing the user to access web by simply creating a gesture or symbol. The Sonar feature allows voice control to search, bookmark favorite sites, navigate, and share on social networks. With the One-tap Share, you can tweet, post to Facebook, and save files directly to Box or Evernote with a single tap. Meanwhile, Tabbed browsing allows you to toggle between screens as if you are browsing on a desktop.

Just like a desktop browser, Dolphin now allows Add-ons for different tasks. Such add-ons can enhance mobile Interner browsing. To save bookmarks and passwords, sync history, open tabs easily, there’s the Dolphin Connect feature. Other basic features include custom themes and wallpapers and adding your favorite sites to the home screen.

Still not convinced that the Dolphin for Android is worthy to be installed? The web browser app also allows WiFi Broadcast so you can share links with people on your WiFi network or are nearby.

Download Dolphin V11.2.3 from the Google Play Store.


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