Microsoft has Universal Mobile Keyboard for your mobile devices

If you are like most people in this mobile generation, you almost always have a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop with you whenever you’re traveling or just moving from one meeting to another. The problem sometimes is that you want to use both your smartphone and tablet as more than just a device that you slide or swipe through, but like you would a regular laptop or desktop. Microsoft is proposing a solution to that with its new Universal Mobile Keyboard.

Yes, it’s not a virtual keyboard but an actual one where you can dock your device, whether the platform is Android, Windows or iOS. With its protective case, you can lug it in your bag and anywhere you want. As soon as you remove the cover, it automatically turns on and off it goes when you shut down the cover. It connects with your device through Bluetooth and has an integrated, detachable stand so you can choose where you place your device while typing.

So this means, if you’re at an airport and you suddenly have to answer the email of your boss, but it’s too lengthy to just rely on your smartphone, you can whip out the universal keyboard and type out your email just like you would on your desktop. Or if you need to revise a presentation you’ll be giving, but it’s saved on your tablet, again, you can just use your spanking new keyboard to make those changes.


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