WearFaces makes Apple watch face for Android smartwatches

The more I looked at it, the more I was convinced I knew it from somewhere – it took a friend to look at my browser and say “Hey, that’s the Apple Watch, isn’t it?” For the record, I wasn’t looking at the newfangled smartwatch from Cupertino – I was looking at a smartwatch face designed by uHrArt and uploaded to an Android smartwatch via the same dev’s WearFaces app. The app allows for different watch face designs, and one of them mimicked that “colorful” design from Apple.

How do you use the app? Pretty simple. Install the app via Google Play Store, and then download the watch face designs from WearFaces. This is usually in the form of a ZIP file that you can import into your Android watch via the WearFaces app.

We say “designS” because in UhrArt’s defense, there are a lot of other watch face designs featured on the website. One of it just happens to be that Apple Watch-looking one. The colorful design aside, there are other nice designs to choose from, and it seems that a lot of developers are getting in on the new market. They have designs for square watches as well as round ones (hello Moto 360 that looks like an Apple Watch). Check out the other galleries at the website.


The WearFaces app is a free download from the Google Play Store, and there are some watch faces at the WearFaces website that are free to use as well. You can also donate to UhrArt in-app, if you’d like to thank them for the effort. They will not be the last developers who will provide us with smartwatch faces, even as the market for wearables continue to grow.

DOWNLOAD: Pear watchface by UhrArt


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