Finger Sized World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is Pico-Falcon

Drones have risen to such popularity that nowadays we constantly witness new innovations being introduced with the target audience of civilians. We have seen a myriad of such gadgets that range from super-expensive remote controlled drones to small RC helicopters – all consumer-grade of course. With this in mind, Bandai subsidiary CCP is ready to launch a new RC helicopter that is known as Pico-Falcon.World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is Pico-Falcon

Yes, you guessed it right; the Pico-Falcon is the successor of Nano-Falcon released by the same company back in 2014. Then it was the smallest RC helicopter, however, now Pico-Falcon enjoys that title. Pico-Falcon is the world’s tiniest RC helicopter. It measures in at 46 mm long and in comparison its infrared controller seems quite huge.World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is Pico-Falcon2World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is Pico-Falcon3

Pico-Falcon has a new and improved gyro-centre along with tandem rotors for improved stability. But, owing to the fact that it is very small, the battery is miniaturized as well and only allows for 4 minutes of flying time after a 30-minute charge. The gadget costs $45.World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is Pico-Falcon5World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is Pico-Falcon4

Pico-Falcon will be available in blue, green and orange colors and shall be launched on 5th December in Japan.


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