Jawbone makes UP app cross-platform for devices, wearables

Fitness company Jawbone has announced that their health app UP will now be compatible across platforms and across different devices as well, including smartwatches and wearables. They will also be releasing an open-device connectivity framework later on to enable OEMs to create products that will be able to connect to the app through Bluetooth, Smart or WiFi. This means that more people will be able to use the activity and lifestyle-tracking app.

As long as you have the UP app, a smartphone or a wearable device connected to that smartphone, you will be able to enjoy features such as step-tracking, food-logging and even personalised help through the UP Insight Engine. The popular “I Will” prompts can help you motivate yourself to reach your fitness and health-related goals. You can also manually log the hours that you sleep everyday to also add to your over-all health evaluation.

If you’re the type who is more motivated when you see your loved ones’ fitness activities as well, you can connect with them as long as they have an UP or UP24™ band or just the app itself. The UP app also has an ecosystem of other apps to help you keep healthy, like RunKeeper, Strava, Sleepio and UP Coffee. If you’re using an Android Wear device, the app can also directly log your step data from your smartwatch, and with more functionalities to come in the future for this particular wearable platform.

You can download the UP app from the Google Play Store for free already. But the redesigned app will be launched later this month, as per the press release from Jawbone.


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