Square Enix is launching its own take on PS Now called Dive In

Sony solved its games backwards compatibility problem by purchasing Gaikai and relaunching it earlier this year under the name PlayStation Now. But it looks as though Sony isn’t the only company thinking of a streaming games future. Square Enix is also jumping into the market.

On October 9 we can expect to hear Square Enix announce the launch of a service called Dive In for Japan (initially). Its purpose is to allow Square Enix published games to be streamed on to iOS and Android devices, effectively negating the need to spend time and money porting the games to the actual hardware platforms.

Dive In will initially offer three games for streaming, including Final Fantasy VII International, Final Fantasy XIII, and Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders. Square Enix is attempting a demo-like model of play. You’ll be able to stream each game for 30 minutes without being charged anything to see if you like it. After that, there will be an option to purchase, 3, 10, 30, or 365 days of game time for a title.

The cost varies per title. Here’s the pricing for each:

    • Final Fantasy VII 3 days – $1.90
    • Final Fantasy VII 10 days – $3.75
    • Final Fantasy VII 30 days – $9.40
    • Final Fantasy VII 365 days – $13.45
    • Final Fantasy XIII 3 days – $2.35
    • Final Fantasy XIII 10 days – $4.70
    • Final Fantasy XIII 30 days – $11.75
    • Final Fantasy XIII 365 days – $16.92
    • Season of Mystery 3 day – $1.40
    • Season of Mystery 10 day – $2.85
    • Season of Mystery 30 day – $7.60
    • Season of Mystery 365 day – $11.25

As you can see, buying a year of access is certainly much better value, and for games carrying the Final Fantasy name at least you can probably get a year’s worth of play out of them.

It seems inevitable that Square Enix will want to expand Dive In to other markets if the Japanese launch proves popular. You also have to consider that there’s a range of games Square Enix publishes that fit Western markets well. As for Japan, gamers will gain access to Final Fantasy VIII and The Last Remnant in November, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Murdered Soul Suspect in December, and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII at some point in 2015.


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