Netflix Post-Play now available for Chromecast in US,Canada

When Netflix introduced the Post-Play feature to its Android apps a few months ago, it brought watching streaming videos to another level. It also further established binge-watching as one of America’s favourite hobbies. But US and Canada viewers were unable to enjoy this on their Chromecast, until now that is, as Netflix announced it has finally arrived in North America.

Netflix subscribers with the Google Chromecast dongle can now watch one video after another with their Android devices that support Post-Play. It is a feature that automatically queues up the next episode of a TV show that you’re watching. If it’s a movie that you’re streaming, it will offer you three recommended titles based on the genre or type of film you’re watching. The credits of the current video you’re watching are minimized, with the next video or options shown on your screen. If you don’t respond within 15 seconds, it will automatically play the queued video.

This is pretty good feature to have if you have a lot of time on your hands and would like to watch the entire final season of Breaking Bad. But if you promised yourself you’ll just watch one more episode of Orange Is The New Black, then it will badly tempt you to watch more unless you have the discipline to press stop (which you totally can if you really wanted to).

To start enjoying (dreading) this feature, you need to make sure your Netflix Android app is updated from the Google Play Store. Then you can cast the app through your Chromecast and binge the night (and morning) away.


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