World’s First Holographic Smartphone Introduced by Takee

holographic smartphone World’s First Holographic Smartphone Introduced by Takee


Gone are the times when you would want to degrade a Chinese phone. Ever since China has started producing smartphones, it has been criticized for copying and cloning other smartphones. Users suggested that they don’t come with innovative products but simply copy others and sell them at lower prices. However, the world’s first Holographic smartphone is now introduced by a Chinese company known as Takee.

Chinese phones were already growing their market. The top 5 out of ten smartphones in the world are usually rated to be Chinese. Their industrial and manufacturing power has been increasing rapidly. Same is the case with Takee, the company which released the world’s first holographic smartphone last Thursday. The front camera of the world’s first holographic smartphone allows the user to watch 3D videos. The camera catches the eye movements and syncs the 3d display along with it. To improve things further, you can attach an additional shell by which you can use your holographic smartphone from the air. So basically, you don’t have to “touch” the screen. The parent company of Takee, Estar has a decent experience of ten years in making screens. However, Takee itself is relatively new but has come up with a shocking preview.


According to the chair man of Shenzen Mobile Phone Association

“Chinese mobile phone vendors have surpassed the period of being copycats. The fact that Chinese brand phones are selling very well both at home and abroad means Chinese manufacturers are strong at R&D and good at satisfying customers with solid quality and good prices. Branding will be the next target”

This shows how good China is going in this business. In total, around 1.2 billion smartphones are reported to be shipping out. China is joining the race in becoming the smartphones elite. The country already wants to supply one-third of the total smartphones sum. With this holographic smartphone, they can definitely shock the world and make a name for themselves. What do you think, will they be able to make a stable holographic smartphone?


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