LG G3 global rollout starts June 27 in Asia, EMEA in July

LG’s premium flagship, which has unsurprisingly enjoyed popularity and good sales in Korea, will soon be launching in other parts of the globe. The LG G3 will first make its stop in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines starting this Friday, before heading out to the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East sometime in July.


The LG G3 is definitely not only an eye-catcher, with the stylish “faux” brushed metal back cover and rear control buttons. It is also a smartphone that is worth drooling over in both hardware and software, the latter if you especially favor less modified Android versions. It is actually no wonder that LG has reported selling 100,000 units in Korea during its first week in the market. Now the company is hoping that the same enthusiasm, and of course sales, will be replicated in these upcoming markets.

For Europe and Asia, LG is advertising the fact that the LG G3 will be featuring wireless charging capabilities. We do wonder whether that means that other markets, like the US, will not be entitled to that nice feature. The smartphone is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard, and so compatible with many charging plates already out there in the market. But of course, LG would prefer if you buy its own “stand-type” charger, which admittedly is a bit unique in the sense that it won’t require your phone to lie horizontally flat.

LG has not yet revealed when the G3 will hit US markets, though some carriers have pointed to a late June launch, which is becoming later and later by the day. Pricing details are also still up in the air, and the company says that those will be revealed in local markets when they launch.


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