Three cool things the new Amazon Fire Phone brings to us all

With the Amazon Fire Phone, some neat new features are incoming. Most of them naturally relate to media consumption, which is a strong suit of Amazon’s. Mayday is also on board, so here’s a rundown of all the adjunct, cool stuff you can do with an Amazon Fire Phone.



Yup, just as with the Kindle Fire tablets, you can get Mayday access on your Amazon Fire Phone. Live, 24/7 help from an Amazon rep. That will help when you run into those instances where you just can’t remember how o change a setting or find a feature. We expected Amazon would slap Mayday in, though, so not a surprise — but a great feature.


The camera on the Amazon Fire Phone is a 13MP shooter, which is definitely adequate to snap great shots. Amazon is also giving us a dedicated shutter button, just like we find on a Sony Xperia device. A f/2.0 with OIS should make anyone a great mobile photog, and unlimited photo storage is nice.


So, here’s a cool Amazon ecosystem feature — the Fire Phone will work with the Fire TV. Not only will it serve as a second screen for seeing info on what you’re watching, you can “fling” stuff to your Fire TV from your phone. Find a movie you want to see on your phone, and send it along to the Fire TV. Neat.

Neat stuff, and there’s more to come from Amazon’s event. Stay tuned, as we’ve got much more to discuss as the event wears on!


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