Life-sized Titanfall mech makes peaceful visit to Germany

Titanfall titan mech
If you happen to be traveling near the Berlin Central Station today, you may have noticed a truly gigantic robot towering over you. It’s name is Betty the Titan, and this is just step one of a four stop tour around Germany for Reaspawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Read more
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The chances are you haven’t been lucky enough to spot this enormous creation in person yet, but Respawn and EA have been caring this and one other Titanfall prop all around the world. Betty has made appearances at Gamescom, GDC, E3, and a couple of other venues. These two Titans are created to represent the true scale of the mech compared to us tiny humans, and while Betty stands tall over all of us, her friend is bursting our of the ground with a massive hand outstretched that is just big enough for a person to fit in.

This plays into one of the main elements of thee game, where your partially sentient Titan possesses the ability to either scoop you up and put you in the cockpit or rip your opponent out of their mech and slam them to the ground.Read more

Titanfall Titan Prop

These Titans were created by Daniel’s Wood Land, a theming company based out of Paso Robles, CA. They are crafted almost entirely out of foam, which is carved using 3D carving machines and then pained and sealed. Lights are then embedded in the eye sockets and sensor ports on the torso and arms. While not posable, these hulking creations look every bit as intimidating in these photos as they do when one is about to step on you in the actual game.Read more

The Titan Tour will see Betty moved to Hamburg, Cologne, and Stuttgart for the remainder of March.Read more


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