Study Shows Why It’s Worth Your Employer’s Money To Buy Everyone Walking Desks


Desk jobs are slowly killing us. Perhaps even worse than dying early, our office-potato lives are making us more susceptible to joint pain, fatigue, and illness. To fight off these modern diseases, I use a treadmill desk, which keeps me in motion all day long. Unfortunately, treadmill desks are pretty pricey, going for around $1,400 on Amazon.

Now, a new study has quantified the impacts of treadmill desks on workplace productivity and the results convincingly show why it’s worth it to a company’s bottom dollar to buy walking stations for the entire office.

The researchers conducted a year-long controlled experiment with employees in a financial firm. On average they found that supervisor ratings of employee productivity increased 10% (on a 1-10 scale) and energy expenditure per day shot up 70 calories. This generally confirms other evidence on walking desks, including one that found that doctors are…

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