Google Glass Gets More iPhone-Friendly


Google Glass is no longer quite as crippled if you’re using an iPhone now that Google has released its MyGlass app for iOS.

The app allows iPhone users to get turn-by-turn directions through their $1500 headgear. It also lets users “screencast” Glass video back to the iPhone, add Glass apps, and manage settings and contacts.

Google Glass did work on the iPhone before, but it didn’t support turn-by-turn directions or text messages. Although texting still isn’t available, iPhone users can send messages through Google Hangouts.

There’s just one big advantage that Android users still have over iPhone users: With Android, Google Glass can connect to the Internet with just a Bluetooth connection to the phone, while iPhone users must have Portable Hotspot turned on. Depending on your wireless plan, Portable Hotspot could cost extra. Hopefully Google can find a way to allow data transfers without requiring a tethering data plan.

Now all iPhone users need is $1500 and an existing Glass user with an invite to spare.


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