GTA Online Capture update available, adds 4 gameplay modes and 20 new jobs

Rockstar has rolled out the latest free update to Grand Theft Auto Online today, and it brings with it the classic gameplay of capture the flag. The update is fittingly called Capture, and adds four new gameplay modes and twenty new jobs to the GTA Onlineexperience.

Each of the new modes is focused around capture the flag-style gameplay and are named:

  • Contend
  • GTA
  • Hold
  • Raid

In Raid one team has to infiltrate another team’s base, steal a package, and deliver it back to their own base. Contend takes the Raid concept one step further. Rather than being in a base, the single package is in the middle of the city and both teams have to find it and get it back to their respective base. Once there, it respawns back in the city and the process is repeated.


Hold changes the gameplay slightly and sees each team try and collect and hold as many packages as they can in their base, but they can be stolen. The team with the most packages when the timer runs out wins.

Finally, we is GTA, which replaces package collections with cars. Each team needs to steal as many cars as they can within a time limit and drive them back to their base. The vehicles that need to be stolen as spread across the entire city.

Capture should be available now and forms an automatic update for GTA Online. Even if you don’t fancy playing the capture the flag modes, the update is still worth it as a number of bug fixes are included. Rockstar has also updated the dynamic tuning in the game.


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