Full-scale, driveable Lego car is Raul Oaida’s latest work of genius

Lego car
Chances are good that you’ve built a car or two out of Lego bricks before, but you’ve never built anything like this. Romanian genius builder Raul Oaida constructed an actual car that you can really drive.

Well, not you per se, but it can be driven. Raul’s cautious test run in Melbourne only pushed the Lego hot rod up to around 20km/h. The crew wanted to keep speeds low to prevent any structural integrity issues.

Building the car required more than 500,000 Lego bricks, and they aren’t just forming a geek-tastic shell that cleverly cloaks an automobile chassis. Everything from the doors and seats to the steering wheel and engine are built from Lego.

Even the car’s powerplant is made from bricks. The engine features 256 pistons and it’s powered by compressed air. The video footage of the pistons pumping away in rhythm is definitely one of the most amazing Lego sites you’ll ever see.

You may have heard of Oaida before. The Romanian teenager became an overnight sensation when video footage of his Lego space shuttle floating 130,000 feet above the Earth went viral last March.

The man who funded that project — Australian venture capitalist Steve Sammartino — was all too happy to get involved with Oaida again. He secured enough funding from a single tweet to get the ball rolling on the Lego car project — between $10,000 and $20,000.

The car is amazing. Oaida’s skill and inventiveness is undeniably amazing. But perhaps what’s most amazing about the full size Lego car he built is that it was shipped all the way from Romania to Melbroune without collapsing into a heap of bricks.


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