Say Hello to Tizen™

As far as Android smartphones go, Samsung is considered to be the leader when it comes to sales. Android is currently the world’s leading mobile software with over 75 percent smartphones running Google’s open source OS. But Samsung, along with Intel and the Linux foundation have been closely working on another open source mobile software: Tizen.  At a recently concluded Tizen Developer summit in South Korea, version 3.0 of Tizen was shown off. Tizen was created from Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo, and later Samsung, added its own Bada OS into Tizen in February 2013. Bada OS phones by Samsung weren’t as successful as the Android phones that the company launched. According to TheHandheldblog the new version of Tizen, version 3.0 release has incorporated some major changes.

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One of these is  support for multiple users and support for 64-bit architecture. The blog also says that, “64-bit support has been in the works for Tizen for a year now, and the devices will support IA and ARM chips.” The announcement is significant given that Apple recently launched the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display, with a 64-bit architecture processor. Apple’s iPhone 5s has been killing the competition when it comes to benchmark tests. The other feature of the 3.0 release is a new 3D user interface framework, says the blog. For users, it means better looking and better performing apps. The report also says that the final public release of the OS and smartphones running the OS will only be in Q3 of 2014. Samsung also announced the NX300M camera which is currently the only device that ships with the Tizen OS. The camera has already hit the stores in South Korea and has 20.3 MP sensor, a 3.31-inch OLED screen, WIFI and NFC.

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