Hrithik Roshan Launches ‘Krrish 3′ Jewellery!


MUMBAI: Hollywood has unique ways of marketing superhero films and Hrithik Roshan wants to do the same with his Krrish character.

As ‘Krrish 3′ is coming out, Hrithik Roshan and his father, director Rakesh Roshan, launched toys, masks and action figures of the superhero Krrish.

Today, along with Farah Khan-Ali, Hrithik Roshan launched a line of jewellery in line with ‘Krrish 3′. Most of the pieces are made of silver, but some also had diamond embellishments and leather belts. The collection of mobile charms, pins, pendants are priced between Rs 2500 to Rs 6000.

Farah Khan-Ali said, “It is an inspirational piece of jewellery, and my designs have always reflected a deeper thought and this time it’s no different.”

‘Krrish 3′ releases on 1 November, 2013 and also stars Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut along with Hrithik Roshan.


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